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Day Time Activities in Las Vegas

As as Las Vegas Resident and property manager I find it’s my duty to have a deep knowledge of what my city has to offer. Sin City has plenty of exciting daytime activities. Here is my list of places that anyone who visits Las Vegas or happens to move here can enjoy. 

10 Things to do in Las Vegas


The Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Tour


tour-busSight-seeing has always been my favorite pass time. So when I learned about the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour, I knew I had to get on it. It is a convenient way to see and learn the history of unique and breathtaking Sin City attractions. The bus makes to and fro trips along the Strip and Downtown making occasional stopovers at different points of interests along the route. On the bus, there are friendly, knowledgeable and very entertaining tour guides who enlighten the riders about the various city attractions like the museums, malls, casinos, Miracle Mile, the Fremont Street’s fascinating destinations, as well as prominent monuments like the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

Hoover Dam Tour


Location: Hoover Dam Tour

How does visiting the greatest dam ever built sound to you? Las Vegas houses the worldly renowned Hoover Dam, and it is unforgivable not to visit it to learn about the engineering marvel. The dam is not only a National Historic landmark but one of the major tourist attractions in the area. Touring it takes about two hours during which you can walk the Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Bridge to get a rewarding view of the dam. Furthermore, you will also get to see the Arizona side, as well as check out the theatre, power plant, exhibit halls, and the works of art. 

Real Bodies at Bally’s 


Location: Real Bodies at Bally’s

If you are interested in a thought-provoking study of human anatomy then visiting the Strip – Real Bodies located in Bally’s will be a real treat. It is the perfect opportunity for you to see an actual human body meticulously dissected, preserved and then strategically displayed to demonstrate how the human body works. This 11-gallery exhibition explores an in-depth meaning of life by providing a fascinating and approachable insight of what goes on inside human bodies. The entire experience takes about forty-five to sixty minutes and is open every day at 10 am to people of all ages. However, you have to purchase an admission ticket that costs $ 24.95 from the Bally’s box office.

Visit Planet Hollywood


Location: Planet Hollywood

las-vegas-planet-hollywoodSituated at the core of the Vegas Strip is the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, which promises some unforgettable experiences. Whether you need exceptional dining, astounding entertainment, or a thrilling shopping experience Planet Hollywood will come through for you. The establishment has a breathtaking airy ambiance, multiple gambling floors, and several eateries. From these eating spots, you can enjoy delicacies like burgers, pizza, hot dogs, and fries. If you want indigenous cuisines, you will also get it from the Koi. If you are in search of water sporting entertainment, you can take a dip in the pool or jump into the FlowRider wave machine.

Visit the Iconic Stratosphere Observation Deck 


Location: Stratosphere Observation Deck

Standing at an impressive 1,149 feet off the ground the Las Vegas’ Stratosphere Tower is undoubtedly the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US. You will find it at the Stratosphere hotel-casino, north of the Sahara Avenue and the Vegas Strip. From the tower deck, you will enjoy a 360-degree panorama of Sin City. The facility is open to revelers of all ages and is open every day from 10 am to 1 am, except for Fridays and Saturdays where it closes at 2 am. For a remarkable experience, it is best to visit the tower in the evenings just when the sun is about to set. Besides riding the tower, you can relax and dine at the Top of the World restaurant or enjoy some refreshing drinks at the Air Bar.

Scout the Mob Museum


Location: Mob Museum

Unknown to most people, notorious mobsters such as Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Bugsy Siegel built the city of Las Vegas. Even though these mobsters are no more, it is interesting to learn how they developed Sin City. You can do that efficiently by attending the Mob Museum situated in downtown Vegas. 

Ride the LINQ’s High Roller Wheel


Location: LINQ’s High Roller Wheel 

The observation wheel is at the LINQ, one of the newest dining, shopping and entertainment destinations on the Strip. It stands at five-hundred and fifty feet above the ground making it ideal for an incredible panoramic viewing of the landmarks downtown and the strip. For you to ride it, you need to pay and enter a comfortable cabin that can hold up to forty people. Moreover, if you want a more private experience you can make a reservation. Ideally, each ride takes approximately thirty minutes. Before or after your spin, you can spend the time exploring the nearby diners and shops. If you want to enjoy the view, consider standing to the right side of the cabin instead of sitting or standing on the left side.

Enjoy a trip to the Grand Canyon


Location: Grand Canyon

The daily buzz of the busy Vegas Strip will naturally wear you out. An excellent for you to break away from it all, albeit for a while, is to take a full-day guided rustic tour on a bus to either the southern or western rim of the Grand Canyon. The good thing about these guided tours is that the guides are both entertaining and knowledgeable, which means that, you will not only learn a lot about the sights but have an exciting trip as well. Some of the features you will encounter during the excursion include the Hoover Dam, Bypass Bridge, the bighorn sheep habitat, Lake Mead, the Black Canyon, the nine-hundred-year-old Joshua Tree Forest, and of course the Grand Canyon.

Take a guided tour stroll along the Fremont Street 


Location: The Fremont Street

Walking is a safe and healthy way of exercising your brain and body muscles. And what better way to do that than while learning from a professional guide about the history of your new home. Under the instruction of the tour guide, you will stroll along the Fremont Street and Downtown. This will allow you to view the different historical monuments and new features that resulted from the Fremont East urban revival project. Some of these attractions include casinos, hotels, and the world’s largest video screen. 

Go to a rock star pool party


Location: Wet Republic 

When you settle in Vegas, one of the first things that you will notice is that the city hosts numerous daytime pool partieschild-pool-blue-1 in different clubs. For this reason, it is always prudent to have one or two pairs of bathing suits. For you to attend most of these pool parties however you must pay. The admission fee nevertheless is worth it because it entitles you to an executive car ride such as a limo or VIP party bus, various drink specials, a guided tour of the Strip and Downtown, and the thrilling pool party. Some of the famous Rockstar pool party clubs include the Wet Republic, the Liquid Pool Lounge, Sapphire Pool & Day Club, and the Venus Pool Club.


Contrary to the common misconception that people visit Las Vegas just to gamble there are many fun and exciting activities worth doing. However, most of these activities require you to purchase an admission ticket. Fortunately, you can get discounts and offers to such facilities by acquiring passes.

Does My Pool Add Value to My Home?

Woman enjoying her vacation in the swimming pool.

When it comes time to sell, many homeowners wonder how much value a pool adds to their home if they list it as a feature. Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. A pool can be an attractive selling point if you live in a warm area. However, in colder climates, buyers may not want to deal with the costs of pool maintenance if they can only use it for part of the year. Once you learn about the different factors affecting the value of your pool, you can make an informed decision when selling.

How to Tell If Your Pool Will Add Value

Your pool has a much better chance of adding value to your home if it is an in-ground pool as above-ground pools are easily removed and rarely factor into the final price of a home. Other factors at play include your pool’s cost to install and maintain its current condition. In addition, your location and the needs of individual buyers will affect how much value your pool contributes to your home.

Where Do You Live?

In Sunbelt states such as Florida, Nevada, Arizona and California, many buyers consider a pool to be a standard feature. On the other hand, in areas like the Northeast or in the Midwest, a pool can actually deter buyers from making an offer. Pool cleaning and skimming can be more arduous in areas with a lot of trees and plant life.

On a micro level, you’ll want to make sure that your pool is broadly similar to the ones in your neighborhood in order to be more attractive to potential buyers.

Who’s Buying Your Home?

Individual buyers will play a major role in determining how much value your pool adds to your home. Some families with young children may see your pool as a source of endless summer fun, but others may see it as a potential safety hazard. Some buyers will have no interest in a pool and may want it filled in prior to the sale; these buyers could walk away from the deal if their conditions aren’t met.

Children playing in pool. Two little girls having fun in the poo

What’s the Condition of Your Pool?

Generally speaking, the newer your pool is, the more you can ask for it when selling your home. Older pools will cost more to maintain and might have less efficient filters and pumps or cracked decking. A potential buyer may demand that a pool is resurfaced or that the liner is changed prior to any sale.

How Much Did it Cost to Add The Pool? reports that the nationwide average cost of installing a 32’x16’ pool is around $22,000. However, this number can vary widely depending on your location and whether you decide to install a vinyl, fiberglass or concrete pool. Additional amenities such as paver patios, lights, heaters and more could easily push the price of your pool into the six-figure range, but might also allow you to ask more from potential buyers.

According to a landmark 2003 study by the National Association of Realtors, pools can contribute anywhere from four to six percent of the value of a home in the Northeast and Midwest. In the Southeast and Southwest, this turns into an eight to thirteen percent increase. Keep this as well as the other factors in mind when pricing your home for sale.



15 Ways In Which You Can Be a Great Landlord

It is no hidden fact that good landlords have good tenants. This is because your  rental property is basically a business, and the tenants are the customers. Your tenants pay you for a service that they need and you provide. It is in a landlord’s best rentinterest that they keep their tenant for as much time as they can, right?

In general, a landlord spends around 20-40 hours to fill a vacancy on their rental unit. This includes many things, such as advertising, showing, looking at credit reports and applications, and going through the entire process of leasing. Needless to say, it is much better to have a good tenant who keeps renewing their lease.

To attract better tenants, you should be a fantastic landlord. A good landlord always treats their tenants well, follows legal guidelines, and goes forward for their tenants. In case you are wondering how you can be a good landlord, here are fifteen great tips to help you get started.

15 Things to be aware of to be a Great Landlord

#1: Help your tenant in getting acquainted with the new area

house-keysGiven that your tenant is most likely new to town, they would surely appreciate you helping them to get acquainted. This includes giving them directions to local places of interests such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and similar facilities. You can also give them a link to any available online map service. If you have done this once, it will be easy for you to keep doing this for your future tenants as well.

#2: Write your tenants a welcome Letter

While it may sound a little old-school, writing a welcome letter to your tenant will help them feel welcomed and feel that you are happy to have them in your property as a lessee. This will set a positive vibe that will carry for the remainder of the term and make for a great landlord-tenant relation. Additionally, you should also mention how they can contact you in case they need your help, and give them special instructions, such as contact information for utility services and times for the trash collector to arrive.

#3: Stock the Bathrooms

Stocking the bathroom is generally not something that your tenant has in mind when they first move in. Something as simple and stocking the bathrooms of your property with soap dispenser and toilet paper will make your tenants feel that you are involved in the affairs of the property, and they will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness. Additionally, you can also leave other things like an all-purpose cleaner and paper towel rolls. This will show them that you prioritize cleanliness which will inspire them to do so too.

#4: Help your renters in changing their address

Small things such as including address-labels for their apartment, or packets from the post-office consisting of change-of-address details and a welcome letter will go a long way in showing the tenants how detail-oriented you are. They are bound to appreciate the thought which you put into everything that you do and will love your foresight on matters of importance. They will also assume you to be a responsible person – which is a very important quality a landlord must have.
Furthermore, you can also provide instructions on change-of-address when/if they leave. This will benefit you as well, since it will prevent you from getting their mail that you will have to throw away or forward to them.

#5: Dress Neatly

Your dress goes a long way in making a good (or bad) impression on your tenants. Make sure to dress neatly when you first meet your tenants, and when you are at the start of the residency. A clean and tidy appearance of you will lead your tenants to assume that that is how you maintain your property as well. While this becomes less of an important issue once the tenant gets to know you better, it means a lot during the earlier stages.

#6: Follow the guidelines on lease

Always make sure that you follow the guidelines on the lease in case you ever get into a conflict with your tenants. NEVER try to decide the matters on your own. Remember, that the lease is the legal document signed by both of you, and cannot be avoided. In case any issues that have no mention on your lease arise, make sure to check your local landlord forums and the local ordinances to find out what your next move should be. In this way, you can show the tenant that you are acting within your rights and are acting the way other decent landlords are – should they object to your decision.

#7: Keep Your Cool

In case you ever find yourself disagreeing with your tenant on a particular matter (for instance, if they create problems in your apartment or fail to timely pay the rent repeatedly), you must make sure that you never lose your calm. Trust me, you would not want to be featured on YouTube’s latest “crazy landlord” video! Bear in mind that your units tenant is, after all, your customer and that you must never behave in an indecent way with them. This means no swearing and shouting, no threatening and no withholding their rights.

#8: Keep a healthy relationship with – and a healthy distance from your tenant

While it is wonderful to have a nice, friendly relationship with your tenant, you must know where to draw the line. Bear in mind that your rental property is at the core a business and that the relationship between you and your lessee is a purely professional one. It is best, therefore, that you maintain a healthy emotional distance, should something unfold such as you having to terminate their lease or meeting them in court may happen. Finally, it is your business that counts and you most certainly would not like to get caught-up emotionally at your business’s expense.

#9: Be Consistent

As a landlord, you must always make sure that you follow the guidelines of the lease. Make your tenants feel that they are respected and respond to their maintenance requests as early as possible – even if the request is to take a look at something. These small things on your part will give a good impression on your tenant and they will assume you to be professional and courteous.

#10: Be Accessible

Always make your tenants feel that you are there for them whenever they need your help. This includes giving them all of your phone numbers (in case you have more than one) as well as your email address. While the tenants should never abuse the privilege you offer them, they should have enough access to contact you in case an emergency situation arises. Moreover, there are certain issues you’d be better-off knowing early on. For instance, if your rental property’s toilet was overflowing, it would be much better for you to know about it as early as possible – preferably before anything major damage happens.

#11: Discuss the lease with them thoroughly

Believe it or not, it is possible to create a good impression on your tenant even before they have moved in! Make sure to discuss the lease with your tenant thoroughly and review each and every clause with them personally. This way, your tenant will feel more involved in the lease-signing process. By communicating every right and responsibility that each party has in signing the agreement, you will keep each and every thing open, which in turn will go a long way in building a relationship with your tenant that is based on trust and mutual understanding.

#12: Respond Promptly

The key to being a great landlord is to build a good relationship with the tenant. And a great part of that is made up by you, the landlord, responding to your tenant’s requests promptly. Always make sure that you respond to your tenant’s emails and/or phone calls as early as you can. After all, your rental property is a business, and any and all interactions that you make with your tenant are business interactions. Prompt responses always make for great business etiquette.
In case you cannot respond to your tenant (for instance, if you’re on vacation), tell your tenant about your unavailability in advance, and notify them of the period you will be unable to communicate with them as quickly as you generally do.

#13: Be Aware of Your Online Profile

Many sites such as ReviewMyLandlord and Yelp allow tenants to post their reviews of your rental property and your services. As a landlord, you must go through these sites to find out if any reviews of yours are there, and in case there is – what kind of reviews they are. In case you get a bad review, question-comment-reviewyou should definitely address it (assuming that the site gives you the option to reply to the review).
If you do not have a profile currently, you can help build a good one. For instance, if you are currently keeping a great tenant, you should try to get them to write you a good review. You can also try calling up some of your old tenants (if you have any) and ask them to review you online. Remember, reviews are important because they are often used by prospective tenants to gather information and form an impression of you – even before they meet you.
That said, do not stress too much over reviews. After all, even the best landlords are bound to get some bad review here and there.

#14: Offer Online Services

Yet another great way to keep your tenant relaxed and happy is to offer them online services pertaining to renting. Offering both online lease signing and online rent collection services can make for a great way to make things easier for your tenants. By making it easier for your tenant to sign their lease and make their payments, you will make your rental property far more attractive to them.

#15: Keep digitized copies of all your documents

tenancy-agreement-signature copyThe thing with hard copies is that they often tend to get lost or misplaced. It is therefore wise to keep electronic versions of any and all papers that are connected to you, your tenant, and your rental property. This includes all documents that your tenant signs, along with other documents connected to your rental property. In this way, even if a document does go missing, you (and your tenant) will not be inconvenienced since you will be able to refer to the electronic copies.
Moreover, your tenant will surely appreciate getting a set of all rent-related documents in electronic form – attached in a single email containing all the documents that can easily be downloaded.

By following the aforementioned tips, you can become a fantastic landlord to your tenant which goes a long way in getting them to renew the lease for your rental property year after year.

Additionally, you can also check out our other blog articles on how to be a great landlord. Happy Reading!


Dealing with troubled renters in Summerlin


Evidently, having a problematic tenant in your Summerlin property can cause you to have unwanted headaches. The situation becomes frustrating if you are a Summerlin Nevada landlord, where the statues on landlord-tenant relationships are strict. For instance, the law permits the renter to withhold rent if the landlord fails to make repairs. Evictions which should always be a last resort method are still quite difficult to do. Furthermore, it offers the renter options or defenses with which to challenge an eviction. So how can a Nevada landlord deal with troubled tenants? Here are some tips.

7 Tricks to Deal with Tenants


Stay calm, objective and professional

If your tenant relentlessly becomes troublesome, naturally you will get agitated. Confronting the renter when you are angry, however, will only make matters worse or even erupt into ugly scenes. Instead of letting your emotional state influence your actions, take some time to cool off, clear your mind, and think of the best course of action.

If possible, sleep on it, and confront the individual the following day when you are calm, professional and objective. Since at that time your thoughts will be clear and devoid of emotional distractions, it will be relatively easy for you to talk with the Summerlin renter about the contentious issues. You might be surprised to find the previously worked up tenant being receptive.

Take time to understand your tenant

At times a good tenant might change and start being problematic. For instance, he or she may continually fail to pay the rent each time it is due unless you demand it, yet they used to pay on or before the deadline. Take your time to find out what the problem is. Could the tenant be withholding rent deliberately in protest of repair disputes? Has he or she forgotten the due date, lost their job or is experiencing cash flow shortages? It is your job to investigate objectively.

Whatever the issue is, communicating with your client will help unearth the problem, making it easier to come up with a suitable solution. For instance, you can remind them of the due date, work out on how to handle the repairs, and even structure the payments options to help with the cash flow challenges.

Go over the rental agreement terms with the tenant

rental agreement document

If you frequently find yourself at loggerheads with your renter because he or she keeps violating the contract terms, find time to go over those rules with the tenant. It could be possible that he or she has forgotten what the rules are, the terms were not clear, or the resident just did not understand them. Reviewing the rules with the renter, therefore, will help clarify what your expectations of the tenant are. If even after reminding the occupant of the contract terms he or she does not reform, warn them in writing of the violation, and ask that they adhere to the rules or else you will have to evict them.

Educate the tenant on how to act

At times your Summerlin resident may become troublesome not because they are bad, but simply because he or she is used to a specific way of life. For instance, a resident who comes from a primarily social family where friends and relatives used to gather and party frequently, might wish to extend that lifestyle when he or she moves into your Summerlin property. Consequently, he or she might have frequent visitors and loud music parties, which though not illegal, might inconvenience other residents. In such conditions, the best strategy is to get the renter to understand how his or her action is troubling others.

Maintain proper records of everything


A prudent way of dealing with problematic tenants in Summerlin is by keeping up-to-date records of everything about the tenancy. These includes; the rental agreement, correspondence between you and the tenants, maintenance and repair vouchers, rent payment receipts, photos or videos of the property when the tenant moved in, promises to pay notes, as well as any resolution or new rules that you passed. Although collecting and updating all these records might seem daunting and unnecessary, you will be thankful you did, the moment your landlord-tenant relationship turns sour.

Remove the tenant

There are times when the situation with a tenant becomes unbearable that the only option is to terminate the relationship. For instance, if the resident carries out illegal activities on your property, refuses to adhere to the rental contract rules despite several warnings, or is unable to pay the rent. In all of these situations, the best approach is to ask the individual to vacate your premises. More often than not, if you are personable, calm and objective in your approach, the problematic tenant will leave. At times, however, he or she might refuse, pushing you to file for an eviction order.

Evict the renter

Evicting tenants from your Summerlin rental property should always be every landlord’s last resort. After all, the tenant can contest it resulting in protracted court proceedings which can cost a lot of time and money. However, at times a property owner has no other option. When evicting the tenant, just ensure you follow the strict Clark County eviction process.


We hope this helps!

Important Maintenance Tips For A Property Owner in Summerlin


As a property owner in Summerlin, it is in your own best interest to take certain concrete and solid measures to enhance the value of your property and keep it well maintained. Not only will it save you money, but it will also bring more attention to your property. Not to mention the fact that it will be good for the environment as well. The waste produced from your house can fill up the landfills and this is something that can be prevented by following the below-mentioned tips and ideas.


Tips on Hiring a Property Manager


Renting or selling your property is no small task. Any investor who has dabbled in this kind of venture fully understands this concept, particularly those who choose to own more than one property. Even though having various properties provides a substantial source of income, the care and maintenance needed for multiple sites can be very time-consuming.

Hiring a professional and reliable property manager can help lessen the load, allowing you to actually relish the benefits of your rental investments. However, finding a professional and capable property manager is not always easy. In order to help you, we’ve put together five tips that can greatly assist you with your search.


Investing in Real Estate to Create Passive Income

Passive Income: Real Estate Investing



One benefit of having a passive income is that it guarantees you a paycheck even when you stop working. No wonder many investors diversify their portfolios to include residual or passive income streams. Some of the investment options primarily include royalties, annuities, and stocks. Over time, however, Las Vegas investors have come to embrace residential and commercial real estate investing as a lucrative way of securing a passive income. Besides providing recurrent income, real estate investing is not as risky as stocks, and the returns are almost always guaranteed if held long enough. (more…)

Basics of What to Include in a Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is a legal document defining the relationship between a landlord and his or her tenant. It outlines practical yet significant aspects of the tenancy, such as the duration, rent amount, number of occupants, as well as the responsibilities of each party.

While most US states have adopted The ULTRA (Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act), which aims to clarify, modernize and standardize Tenants’ and Landlords’ rights and responsibilities, Nevada is yet to. Thus, it is necessary for a Nevada landlord to have in place a comprehensive rental agreement to safeguard the property owner, the property, and the occupants. If you are a rental property owner in Nevada and aren’t working with a professional property manager, the following are the very essential elements your lease agreement ought to address. (more…)

Hiring Property Management In Las Vegas is a Great Investment Decision

By looking for the right company to take care of property management in Las Vegas you can rent out property that you own to generate a passive income stream. Investing in property has long been one of the best ways to build long-term wealth. While property values go up and down, over time they almost always trend in a positive direction. This means that a house you buy today will likely be worth more money in the future. So investing in property is great, but then you have to pay a mortgage on that property. This is where renting the property out to a tenant comes into play. By renting your investment property to a tenant, you can use the rent that they pay you to cover the mortgage. You can and should also charge more for the rent than you are paying for the mortgage so that you can make a profit each month. While renting out properties can help you to build long-term wealth, it isn’t something that is exactly easy to do. (more…)

Las Vegas Rental Properties as an Investment

By looking for the right company to take care of your property in Las Vegas you can rent it out property and generate a passive income stream. Investing in property has long been one of the best ways to build long-term wealth. While property values go up and down, over time they almost always trend in a positive direction. This means that a house you buy today will likely be worth more money in the future. So investing in property is good, but then, of course, you also need to purchase it. To do so, you will most likely need to put a mortgage on it. This is where renting the property out to a tenant comes into play. By renting your investment property to a tenant, you can use the rent that they pay you to cover the mortgage. You can and should charge more for the rent than you are paying on your mortgage. This way, you can make a profit each month. While renting out properties can help you to build long-term wealth, it isn’t something that is exactly easy to do. (more…)

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