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The Basics of Nevada’s Security Deposit Law

Security deposits can trigger the age-old “he said, she said” debate in landlord-tenant relationships. Different states have different laws regarding security deposits. The Nevada rental laws, in particular, are very clear on this topic. As property managers in the Nevada area, we are very familiar with the security deposit law.



Landlords charge security deposits for various reasons:

  • To repair any property damage caused by a tenant’s negligence or carelessness
  • To cover any default by tenant in rent payment
  • To clean the rental unit.


Everything You Need to Know About Breaking a Lease in Nevada

nevada-lease-agreementA lease is a binding contract between a tenant and the landlord. Breaking the lease constitutes a breach of contract. Depending on the reason, there might be legal and financial repercussions.

If you are a tenant in Nevada contemplating breaking a lease, here’s everything you need to know.

Having a tenant break a Nevada rental lease is something every landlord dreads. Tenants may choose to break a lease for several reasons. For example, moving to another city or moving in with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Whichever the reason, the law is clear on tenant-landlord agreements. (more…)

An Overview of Nevada Landlord-Tenant Laws


Like all states, Nevada has its own laws governing the landlord-tenant relationship.

Typically, these laws define which types of discrimination are prohibited and the amount of a security deposit a landlord may require.

Below is an overview of the landlord-tenant laws in Nevada.



Las Vegas Date Night Ideas

Vegas or bust! Whatever relationship status you’re in, Las Vegas has got you covered. There are tons of activities for lovers to take part in. Options range from fun and naughty shows to different kinds of attractions and super clubs.

As a Las Vegas property management company we are well informed on the city and all the fun date ideas it has to offer. We’ve put together a list of to-dos for a great date night in Las Vegas. Scroll through our romantic adventures below to help you plan your date.


Tonight, We’re Going to Have a Good, Good Time 

Las Vegas Shows

It’s showtime! The country’s best entertainment hotspots are found in Las Vegas. The shows are wonderful options for couples looking to enjoy world-class entertainment, and each other, of course.

There are many shows to choose from and the choices can be overwhelming. It’s a good idea to sign up for the Go Las Vegas card. The card allows you admission to all shows including the following:

  • The Mentalist
  • Beatleshow Orchestra
  • Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
  • Vegas! The Show
  • Zombie Burlesque
  • V – The Ultimate Variety Show

These shows are all unique and you’d be lucky to catch all of them. It’s recommended that you book early to get the best seats. (more…)

Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas to Live


It’s essential we know which neighborhoods are safest to live in. As a Las Vegas Real Estate Business it is important we know what our city has to offer.

When looking for a house to purchase, one of the most important things to consider is whether the house is located in a safe neighborhood. While it can be helpful to get recommendations from other people, you may not get the most accurate statistics regarding the area.

It’s therefore advisable for you to do your own research on the neighborhood you are about to move into. Most importantly, don’t forget to check the past crime statistics of the area. It’s important to consider a neighborhood that you will feel safest in. (more…)

10 Reasons to Live in Las Vegas

When most people think about Las Vegas their mind immediately goes to the casinos, the glittering nightlife, world-class gambling and exotic shopping malls. But most of these people are unaware that Las Vegas is also one of the best places to live in the US. Inspired by this moving to London guide we put together the top 10 reasons to live in Last Vegas.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should live in Las Vegas:

1.      Entertainment

ShowEverybody knows about the nightlife, glitter and the razzmatazz of Las Vegas. If that is your kind of thing, this is the city to live in. Las Vegas is home to some of the top casinos in the country.

You will find art and music everywhere, with concerts and magic shows being shown throughout the week. Big stars often perform at these concerns, including the likes of Celine Dion.

If you’re an Elvis fan, well you can find a great abundance of Elvis lookalikes and performers in Las Vegas. (more…)

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Investment Property in Las Vegas

Are you looking for the right Las Vegas investment property?

Las Vegas, U.S. is a prime location for property investment. Las Vegas boasts a thriving economy with employment growth in technology, construction and the hospitality sector. Out of the city’s population of 2.2 million, 48% are renters. Add the number of tourists (42.3 million visitors in 2016) to the mix and there is no doubt that the city’s rental market is a huge area of opportunity. Las Vegas ranks #6 in job growth with rent rates steadily increasing and vacant days for properties on the market going down.With year round great weather and some very amazing properties available, this region is definitely a property buyer’s market. You can find nice, spacious homes all over the city at very affordable prices.

However, before you jump the gun and make a property investment in Las Vegas, here are some mistakes you should avoid making:

Know The Las Vegas Housing Laws:

Like everywhere else, there are local municipality laws that every buyer should know before making a purchase. You especially need to read the Fair Housing Laws of Las Vegas. Many people believe that once they buy a property in Vegas, they are free to make whatever renovations they want. By reading up the fair housing laws, you will know what your property taxes are, what type of renovations you can make and how much the property tax will go up if you do so. Know all about the housing codes and your rights as a property owner.

Research The Las Vegas Property Market:

housing researchMany people go to Las Vegas and are seduced by the razzmatazz of the place. Most of these people have the means and the funds to buy the first property they see or like. This could be a major mistake. Buying a home in Las Vegas should never be an emergency. You need to make sure you conduct a thorough market research. There are some parts of the city which are posh and others which are not livable. You need to know if the property market in the area that has taken your fancy, is actually viable. If you plan to rent, then you must know if there is a demand for rentals in that particular area. You also need to know if the property is close to basic amenities such as schools, public transportation, grocery stores, supermarkets etc. In addition, you should have some information about the crime rate of that area, safety for children, commute time to and from major destinations and so on.


How to Search for the Right Rental Property

Rather than deal with the hassles associated with property ownership, many people choose instead to rent a place to live. No matter your household composition and needs, it is important that you take the time to find the best property to enjoy. After all, you don’t want to invest the time and money into moving only to discover that the new place is not really suitable.

Real Estate Agent Fred Franks of Sellstate Next Generation Realty suggests working with a property management firm is far better than working with a realtor. Mr. Franks states his sole purpose as a real estate agent in Ocala Florida is to help home seekers search for homes for sale in Ocala Fl not rental properties.

However, if you take a bit of time to determine exactly what you need and want beforehand you will be able to focus your search parameters on the places most likely to suit your desires. Among the first things you will need to think about is whether you are interested in renting a single dwelling or one that you will share with others. Although you gain privacy with a rental home in most cases, you will generally be responsible for additional bills such as garbage and water.

Make a list of all of the amenities that you could possibly expect in your price range. Then, you should put them in order from most important to least important. Make sure that you mark the line between the deal breakers and the things that you can live without if necessary. For instance, a couple with no car and a few kids might place greater priority on onsite laundry facilities than a single person with a friend or family member that lets them use the washer whenever necessary. (more…)

Tips for Attracting Millennials to Rent Your Property


If you own or manage rental property, then it is worth your while to market your property to the millennial generation and here’s why:

Millennials prefer renting over buying and they rent for longer periods of time. (1)

So it stands to reason that this a group you want to appeal to, but how? 

Let’s take a closer look at who the millennials are and how to attract them to your property.

Who are the Millennials?

The millennials are the generation born between the years of 1980 and 2000, so the current ages of this group are just entering adulthood up to adults in their late 30s. There are about 80 million people in this age group, which makes up around 25% of our population.

Millennials grew up with technology and having the latest and greatest high-tech stuff is a high priority for them. They are well-educated, well-paid, and can afford the things they want. Many of them own their own businesses. They like to rent because they don’t want the obligation and commitment that a mortgage ties them to.

Since millennials prefer to rent over buying a home, what could make your rental property attractive to them? (more…)

Tips To Help With The Las Vegas Eviction Process

The worst experience for a landlord is when they have a problematic tenant. Tenants who do not pay rent unless prompted, who violate the rental agreement, who do not care for the property or who disturb their neighbors. When you get a nightmarish tenant such as this, the only sensible recourse may be to evict him or her. But would you go about doing that? Do you simply knock on their door and demand they leave?

Of course not, there are laws you must follow. If that is the case, the eviction may be a protracted, costly and an outrightly taxing process. Especially if you do not adhere to the state’s Eviction Statues. So how can a Las Vegas property owner evict a problematic resident quickly?


We’ve put together these tips to guide you through evictions in Las Vegas, Nevada:

1. Understand the Nevada eviction laws


law-bookBefore you make any move towards removing a renter, you must know the conditions under which the law allows you (Clark County Eviction Process). For starters, the law prohibits an owner from using self-help evictions such as changing a tenant’s locks or making his or her life unbearable to force them to vacate. Secondly, you must involve a court of law, sheriff or constable. Furthermore, whether you want a summary eviction or a formal process like Unlawful Detainer, you can only do that for specific (more…)

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