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Essential Curb Appeal Tips

If you want your rental property to stand out from the rest in the neighborhood, you must focus on revamping its curb appeal. After all, the house’s exterior is one of the most prominent features that people who pass by your home will see. Fortunately, there are practical and affordable ways of transforming your mundane looking curb into a striking and aesthetically appealing feature to your delight and that of the tenants. Here are a few of those ideas to get you started.


Day Time Activities in Las Vegas

As a Las Vegas business and property management company, it is our duty to have a deep knowledge of what our beautiful city has to offer. Sin City has plenty of exciting daytime activities. Here is our list of places that anyone who visits Las Vegas or happens to move here should enjoy. 


Does My Pool Add Value to My Home?

When it comes time to sell, many homeowners wonder how much value a pool adds to their home if they list it as a feature. Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. A pool can be an attractive selling point if you live in a warm area. However, in colder climates, buyers may not want to deal with the costs of pool maintenance if they can only use it for part of the year. Once you learn about the different factors affecting the value of your pool, you can make an informed decision when selling.


15 Ways In Which You Can Be a Great Landlord

It is no hidden fact that good landlords have good tenants. This is because your  rental property is basically a business, and the tenants are the customers. Your tenants pay you for a service that they need and you provide. It is in a landlord’s best rentinterest that they keep their tenant for as much time as they can, right?

In general, a landlord spends around 20-40 hours to fill a vacancy on their rental unit. This includes many things, such as advertising, showing, looking at credit reports and applications, and going through the entire process of leasing. Needless to say, it is much better to have a good tenant who keeps renewing their lease.


Dealing with troubled renters in Summerlin


Evidently, having a problematic tenant in your Summerlin rental property can cause you to have unwanted headaches. The situation becomes frustrating if you are a Summerlin Nevada landlord, where the statues on landlord-tenant relationships are strict. For instance, the law permits the renter to withhold rent if the landlord fails to make repairs. Evictions which should always be a last resort method are still quite difficult to do. Furthermore, it offers the renter options or defenses with which to challenge an eviction. So how can a Nevada landlord deal with troubled tenants? Here are some tips.


Important Maintenance Tips For A Property Owner in Summerlin


As a property owner in Summerlin, it is in your own best interest to take certain concrete and solid measures to enhance the value of your property and keep it well maintained. Not only will it save you money, but it will also bring more attention to your property. Not to mention the fact that it will be good for the environment as well. The waste produced from your house can fill up the landfills and this is something that can be prevented by following the below-mentioned tips and ideas.


Tips on Hiring a Property Manager


Renting or selling your property is no small task. Any investor who has dabbled in this kind of venture fully understands this concept, particularly those who choose to own more than one property. Even though having various properties provides a substantial source of income, the care and maintenance needed for multiple sites can be very time-consuming.

Hiring a professional and reliable property manager can help lessen the load, allowing you to actually relish the benefits of your rental investments. However, finding a professional and capable property manager is not always easy. In order to help you, we’ve put together five tips that can greatly assist you with your search.


How Las Vegas Real Estate Investors Create Passive Income


One benefit of having a passive income is that it guarantees you a paycheck even when you stop working. No wonder many investors diversify their portfolios to include residual or passive income streams. Some of the investment options primarily include royalties, annuities, and stocks. Over time, however, Las Vegas investors have come to embrace residential and commercial real estate investing as a lucrative way of securing a passive income. Besides providing recurrent income, real estate investing is not as risky as stocks, and the returns are almost always guaranteed if held long enough.

Basics of What to Include in a Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is a legal document defining the relationship between a landlord and his or her tenant. It outlines practical yet significant aspects of the tenancy, such as the duration, rent amount, number of occupants, as well as the responsibilities of each party.

While most US states have adopted The ULTRA (Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act), which aims to clarify, modernize and standardize Tenants’ and Landlords’ rights and responsibilities, Nevada is yet to. Thus, it is necessary for a Nevada landlord to have in place a comprehensive rental agreement to safeguard the property owner, the property, and the occupants. If you are a rental property owner in Nevada and aren’t working with a professional property manager, the following are essential elements your lease agreement ought to address. (more…)

Hiring A Property Manager is a Great Investment Decision

By looking for the right company to take care of property management in Las Vegas you can rent out property that you own to generate a passive income stream. Investing in property has long been one of the best ways to build long-term wealth. While property values go up and down, over time they almost always trend in a positive direction. This means that a house you buy today will likely be worth more money in the future. So investing in property is great, but then you have to pay a mortgage on that property. This is where renting the property out to a tenant comes into play. By renting your investment property to a tenant, you can use the rent that they pay you to cover the mortgage. You can and should also charge more for the rent than you are paying for the mortgage so that you can make a profit each month. While renting out properties can help you to build long-term wealth, it isn’t something that is exactly easy to do. (more…)

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