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Essential Curb Appeal Tips

If you want your rental property to stand out from the rest in the neighborhood, you must focus on revamping its curb appeal. After all, the house’s exterior is one of the most prominent features that people who pass by your home will see. Fortunately, there are practical and affordable ways of transforming your mundane looking curb into a striking and aesthetically appealing feature to your delight and that of the tenants. Here are a few of those ideas to get you started.

Restore the roof


Your roof is a prominent feature that people can see even before they get to your compound. Furthermore, it forms a large percentage of the structure. If it is unsightly, dirty and damaged, it will repel quality renters who will assume that the house interior is similar. You, therefore, should take your time and restore the roof. For starters, remove any leaves, twigs, or debris that are on it. Then, fix any damaged or missing roof shingles, and pressure-wash the roof and if possible apply a new coat of paint.


Clean the walls

Over time, dust, dirt, spills and stains will accumulate on your exterior walls making the surface to look old and defaced. Fixing this is one of the easiest ways to improve your tenant satisfication and curb appeal. Interestingly, at times all you need to do to get a sparkling siding is to wash the surfaces to remove the stains. You can effectively do that using a bristled brush and soapy water. However, if the smudge stubbornly clings to the surface, having a power or pressure washer might prove handy. You can hire the cleaning equipment from the local home improvement outlets.


Paint the walls


Nothing boosts the curb appeal of a property better than a paint job. After washing the wall exteriors, you should wait for the surfaces to dry off completely, and then apply a striking shade of wall color. When applying the coat, however, make sure you have excellent painting skills, and color selection tastes. Otherwise, your property might end up being the laughing stock of the neighborhood. If you are not sure of what color to use, just look for inspiration from the surrounding properties. Alternatively, reapplying what you currently have on, might suffice.


Update the doors and shutters

Another effective way of enhancing the curb appeal is to upgrade your windows and main entrance doors. It can be quite a turnoff for a prospecting renter to try and turn the knob of the main door, only for it to detach and fall. Avoid such embarrassments by fixing all your doors and shutters. If there are any broken, warped, worn out and irreparable parts, you need to replace them to bring back your doors and windows to their original attractive look. You also want to be sure that you update your locks whenever the situation calls for it. For example, if you’ve recently had a tenant move out, this would be a great time to update your locks and ensure the safety of your future tenants. 


Spruce up the yard


It doesn’t matter how well-designed the property is. If it has an untidy exterior, tenants will bypass it in search for better houses. For this reason, you must take your time to neaten up your compound. For instance, you should trim overgrown bushes, blow fallen leaves, remove broken pieces of furniture, and dispose of renovation-works-debris. While at it, you could introduce a dustbin or waste collection bin to ensure the compound stays spotless.


Fix the mailbox

Even though it might not seem important, an attractive mailbox can do wonders to your curb’s look. Hence, if your property lacks the box, introduce a nice-looking one. Similarly, if the one you currently have looks outmoded and broken, you should straighten it up and paint it. If possible, put marble plaques and plant a few blossoms around it to give it a charming look.


Establish a garden

An effective way to boost the curb appeal is to grow a garden on it. Conduct a soil test to determine the nutrient and mineral requirements. Then, find out what grass variety does best in your area and proceed to grow it. If you already have an established turf, make sure it is good-looking at all times. You can do that by removing any existing weeds, as well as watering and mowing the lawn to give it a beautiful appearance. When trimming, make sure your mower has a sharp blade and that adjust it correctly to encourage healthy grass growth.


Light it up

No one said your property’s curb should only be attractive during the day. It can be equally inviting in the dusk. Besides, many high-quality renters prefer to go house shopping in the evenings after work. Why not take advantage of landscape lighting technology to give your property that magical look. If you arrange your outdoor lighting equipment well, you can create breathtaking moonlike effects, guaranteed to awe your prospects.


Hope this helps!

Posted by: costello on May 22, 2017
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