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Dealing with troubled renters in Summerlin


Evidently, having a problematic tenant in your Summerlin rental property can cause you to have unwanted headaches. The situation becomes frustrating if you are a Summerlin Nevada landlord, where the statues on landlord-tenant relationships are strict. For instance, the law permits the renter to withhold rent if the landlord fails to make repairs. Evictions which should always be a last resort method are still quite difficult to do. Furthermore, it offers the renter options or defenses with which to challenge an eviction. So how can a Nevada landlord deal with troubled tenants? Here are some tips.


Stay calm, objective and professional

If your tenant relentlessly becomes troublesome, naturally you will get agitated. Confronting the renter when you are angry, however, will only make matters worse or even erupt into ugly scenes. Instead of letting your emotional state influence your actions, take some time to cool off, clear your mind, and think of the best course of action.

If possible, sleep on it, and confront the individual the following day when you are calm, professional and objective. Since at that time your thoughts will be clear and devoid of emotional distractions, it will be relatively easy for you to talk with the Summerlin renter about the contentious issues. You might be surprised to find the previously worked up tenant being receptive.

Take time to understand your tenant

At times a good tenant might change and start being problematic. For instance, he or she may continually fail to pay the rent each time it is due unless you demand it, yet they used to pay on or before the deadline. Take your time to find out what the problem is. Could the tenant be withholding rent deliberately in protest of repair disputes? Has he or she forgotten the due date, lost their job or is experiencing cash flow shortages? It is your job to investigate objectively.

Whatever the issue is, communicating with your client will help unearth the problem, making it easier to come up with a suitable solution. For instance, you can remind them of the due date, work out on how to handle the repairs, and even structure the payments options to help with the cash flow challenges.

Go over the rental agreement terms with the tenant

rental agreement document

If you frequently find yourself at loggerheads with your renter because he or she keeps violating the contract terms, find time to go over those rules with the tenant. It could be possible that he or she has forgotten what the rules are, the terms were not clear, or the resident just did not understand them. Reviewing the rules with the renter, therefore, will help clarify what your expectations of the tenant are. If even after reminding the occupant of the contract terms he or she does not reform, warn them in writing of the violation, and ask that they adhere to the rules or else you will have to evict them.

Educate the tenant on how to act

At times your Summerlin resident may become troublesome not because they are bad, but simply because he or she is used to a specific way of life. For instance, a resident who comes from a primarily social family where friends and relatives used to gather and party frequently, might wish to extend that lifestyle when he or she moves into your Summerlin property. Consequently, he or she might have frequent visitors and loud music parties, which though not illegal, might inconvenience other residents. In such conditions, the best strategy is to get the renter to understand how his or her action is troubling others.

Maintain proper records of everything


A prudent way of dealing with problematic tenants in Summerlin is by keeping up-to-date records of everything about the tenancy. These includes; the rental agreement, correspondence between you and the tenants, maintenance and repair vouchers, rent payment receipts, photos or videos of the property when the tenant moved in, promises to pay notes, as well as any resolution or new rules that you passed. Although collecting and updating all these records might seem daunting and unnecessary, you will be thankful you did, the moment your landlord-tenant relationship turns sour.

Remove the tenant

There are times when the situation with a tenant becomes unbearable that the only option is to terminate the relationship. For instance, if the resident carries out illegal activities on your property, refuses to adhere to the rental contract rules despite several warnings, or is unable to pay the rent. In all of these situations, the best approach is to ask the individual to vacate your premises. More often than not, if you are personable, calm and objective in your approach, the problematic tenant will leave. At times, however, he or she might refuse, pushing you to file for an eviction order.

Evict the renter

Evicting tenants from your Summerlin rental property should always be every landlord’s last resort. After all, the tenant can contest it resulting in protracted court proceedings which can cost a lot of time and money. However, at times a property owner has no other option. When evicting the tenant, just ensure you follow the strict Clark County eviction process.


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