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Tips on Hiring a Property Manager


Renting or selling your property is no small task. Any investor who has dabbled in this kind of venture fully understands this concept, particularly those who choose to own more than one property. Even though having various properties provides a substantial source of income, the care and maintenance needed for multiple sites can be very time-consuming.

Hiring a professional and reliable property manager can help lessen the load, allowing you to actually relish the benefits of your rental investments. However, finding a professional and capable property manager is not always easy. In order to help you, we’ve put together five tips that can greatly assist you with your search.


1) Hire a licensed property management firm


Whichever property management firm you are considering needs to have gone through all of the approved property management courses and passed the state’s licensing exam. This is the best way to ensure that they will use state regulated procedures when handling your rental revenue and security deposits.

2) Make sure you ask for referrals


You can tell a whole lot about a property management firm by looking at some of the properties they manage. When conducting interviews with potential firms, make sure you ask for a few referrals of the current properties they oversee. Go and see the properties to get an idea of whether they appear to be well maintained. You can also ask the current tenants and property owners about their experience with the property manager. If they have negative comments about their relationship there’s a good chance you should consider going with a different property manager.

3) Look at the eviction rate


You should ask the property management firm you are considering how often they give eviction notices. If their answer is a relatively high number, it will serve as an indication that they do not properly screen their applicants. The fact is all renters should pass a basic credit check as well as certain requirements that landlords expect. You wouldn’t want to leave your prized investments in the hands of those who won’t take care of them.

4) What are their maintenance procedures?


maintenance-toolsYou should ask your property management candidate how they usually handle repairs and other maintenance issues. In most cases, you will find that the procedures are not the same for all firms. Some tend to ask you to have a maintenance reserve from your monthly rental income and they will simply bill you as issues arise. In such situations, be sure to set a cap on how much can be spent on maintenance, and that you be contacted before any repairs are made. It is one thing to fix a simple light bulb, but replacing a roof without your consent, is an entirely different matter.


5) Communication


It is highly critical that the property management firm you intend to use understands the importance of clear communication. They have to be clear on timeframes and procedures pertaining to the accounting of funds, the collection of receipts for prior repairs, and exactly how money is being spent for the betterment of your properties. You should review all their standard paperwork, especially documents that detail a termination clause. If you feel satisfied with their response in regards to this matter, you can go on and secure their services. In addition, it is also important to have an exit strategy that is agreed upon by both parties.

A professional and capable property manager in Las Vegas knows and has what it takes to rent and manage your properties so that you receive maximum profits. The services they offer should be able to match with your needs. They should also have the necessary experience to prove that they can do a good job. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the right company, all you need to do is your due diligence.

If you are interested in hiring a property management firm in Las Vegas, it’s important that you first schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. In addition, before signing any kind of agreement, make sure that you screen your preferred property manager’s references to find out what their clients think of their services. Once you feel confident with your choice, you can read the fine print and sign the contract.

Posted by: costello on December 6, 2016
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