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Important Maintenance Tips For A Property Owner in Summerlin


As a property owner in Summerlin, it is in your own best interest to take certain concrete and solid measures to enhance the value of your property and keep it well maintained. Not only will it save you money, but it will also bring more attention to your property. Not to mention the fact that it will be good for the environment as well. The waste produced from your house can fill up the landfills and this is something that can be prevented by following the below-mentioned tips and ideas.

If you aren’t working with a property management company and you are managing your rental property on your own, the below tips will definitely help you. If you are looking for a Property Manager and need some tips, click here.

Here are 9 Maintenance Tips For Rental Owners:

1. Heating and Cooling System:

As a property owner, you need to turn your heating and air conditioning system on and ensure that it is working efficiently. This would involve listening for any strange noises and checking the return air filter to verify if it is clean. You can replace the air filters on a monthly or bimonthly basis in order to get the best performance.


2. Inspect the Attic:

If your rental property has an attic or crawl space, be sure to perform a quick visual inspection by grabbing a flashlight and poking your head into the access hole. You need to do this every six months or at the minimum, annually.


3. Washers and Dryers:

Make sure to evaluate your washers and dryers for any corrosion around the water pipes or loose dryer vents. It is important for every owner to check if the dryer vents are clear and not blocked. In order to check this, simply turn the dryer on and place your hand over the dryer vent to check if the air is coming out. If you do not notice any air coming out, you will have to clean out the dryer duct venting pipes.


4. Lawn Sprinkler Systems:

As a property owner, you must ensure that your lawn sprinklers are working properly. You simply have to turn the sprinkler system on and make sure that the system is working properly. If you notice that your water sprinklers are spraying excess water onto your property, driveway, or sidewalk, try to change the sprinkler heads or reduce the water pressure. This will allow you to not waste water and be environmentally friendly as well.


5. Gutter System:

Gutters can become clogged with autumn leaves, so you will have to ensure that you clean them out on a regular basis. This will enhance the rental appeal of the property as well as preventing a flood. When leaves clog up the gutter, it will prevent water from flowing properly and freely, which is the last thing you want as a landlord. Your property manager could also address this particular problem by debuting a designated cleaning team to handle this issue.


6. Electrical Outlets and Switches:

It is the responsibility of every property owner in Summerlin, Nevada to ensure that all electrical outlets and switches are functioning properly on an annual basis. Make sure to look for any discoloring around electrical outlets and switches. This can be an indication of electrical damage and must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your property.


7. Plumbing and Pipes:

Winter often freezes pipes and the water inside can expand to cause a variety of leaks. The ideal time to check for damaged pipes is just before winter. If you have the help of a quality maintenance team, you can easily identify weak pipes. The professionals can address the problem before it can cause further damage.

Moreover, you should check main appliances for plumbing as well, in order to ensure that no future problems will arise. Thus, all landlords should take this aspect into consideration to prevent trouble in future.

8. Exterior Maintenance:


All landlords should evaluate and examine the exterior of their home. They need to check for any water or mold damage. In case your home exterior is siding, you should check for water damage as well. And if the exterior is brick or stucco, be sure to check for damaged areas. As the exterior of your property holds huge importance in the context of its rental and property value, you should utilize all your resources to keep it in top notch condition.


9. Roof Maintenance:


As a property owner, you must take steps to ensure that your roof is inspected on an annual basis at the minimum. You should look for any loose or broken shingles to prevent roof leaks from causing any damage to the interior of your property.

10. Windows and Window Coverings

One of the quickest ways to ruin a home’s interior is to ignore the windows and window coverings. Aged or damaged windows can enable rainwater to enter the home and destroy the nearby walls and flooring. And, without window coverings, the Sun can damage furniture, flooring, and carpet. Have you ever lifted a piece of furniture in a home to see that the finish looked as good as new while the surrounding area looked bleached out? This is due in part to normal wear and tear, but mostly from Sun bleaching. So, make sure all panes open and close properly (you shouldn’t be able to feel a draft when windows are closed) and equip every window with inexpensive blinds.

Thus, being a property owner, you can take these steps to improve the value of your property as well as to keep your tenants happy.

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