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Best Neighborhoods in Las Vegas to Live


It’s essential we know which neighborhoods are safest to live in. As a Las Vegas Real Estate Business it is important we know what our city has to offer.

When looking for a house to purchase, one of the most important things to consider is whether the house is located in a safe neighborhood. While it can be helpful to get recommendations from other people, you may not get the most accurate statistics regarding the area.

It’s therefore advisable for you to do your own research on the neighborhood you are about to move into. Most importantly, don’t forget to check the past crime statistics of the area. It’s important to consider a neighborhood that you will feel safest in.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Nevada. There are tones of reasons to live in Las Vegas. It’s a city in the western part of the United States. Las Vegas is famed for its 24/7 hours casinos, extravagant live shows, and museums such as the Mob Museum. It is filled with elaborately themed hotels, luxury resorts, upscale shopping malls, restaurants, and so much more. There is no place like Las Vegas when it comes to entertainment.

Now just like any other big city, Las Vegas has its share of safe neighborhoods and dangerous neighborhoods. Many homebuyers and renters should do their research to make better choices. With the rate of crimes increasing in some of the major cities in the U.S, it’s only natural to make safety the first priority when looking for a place to live.

If you’re planning to move to the fun city, it’s best to find a neighborhood that is less prone to crime. Increasing your safety and that of your family. In this article, we have reviews of the 8 safest places to live in Las Vegas.

Best & Safest Areas to Live in Las Vegas, Nevada:


1. The City of Henderson


Suburbs of Las Vegas, NVIn 2011, Bloomberg Newsweek dubbed The City of Henderson as “one of the best places to live in America.” Six years later, it’s still considered as one of the best places to live, in the United States. The same year, Forbes dubbed this city “America’s Second Safest City.”

That’s not all. The 2014 Uniform Crime Report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) backed up this claim. They classifying the city as one of the “Top 10 Safest Cities in America.”

Do you need more evidence to assure you of its safety? Certainly not.

Oh, and we can’t forget that it’s only a mere 15 minutes away from Las Vegas!


2. Summerlin


Summerlin happens to be one of the newest towns, it is divided into Northern Summerlin and Southern Summerlin. It’s a safe place, as well as an affordable place to purchase a house to live in. The neighborhood comprises of gated communities with 24/7 private security patrols. Further boosting its safety and security.

Besides being one of the safest and most secure neighborhoods to live in, it’s peaceful. It has lots of amenities and recreational activities to enjoy. It is bound by the Spring Mountains and beautiful Red Rock Canyon.


3. Southwest


playing-in-parkSouthwest Las Vegas happens to be one of the more residential neighborhoods of Las Vegas. Meaning much bigger backyards and plenty of areas to explore.

The fact that it’s more residential means its population is smaller. This translates to lower crime rates. It’s generally a perfectly safe neighborhood for millennials, individuals, and families to live in.

Homes are pretty affordable in Southwest and the cost of living is way lower compared to other areas in Nevada. Plus, it too is only 15 minutes from the Las
Vegas Strip.


4. Spring Valley


Located in the south of Summerlin is Spring Valley. Its crime rates are lower compared to other cities in Nevada. Spring Valley is a great place to raise a family for so many reasons, besides safety and security. It offers its resident a safe environment to live in, work in, and raise their kids, in addition to enjoying recreational activities.

The town is close to everything you need, yet still far enough from the busy areas to allow for a calm environment.


5. Downtown East


Downtown East is dominated by single-family homes; along with long-term residents who possess a great sense of community. The neighbors look out for each other, so it’s a safer place to live.

Recent crime statistics indicate that you have a 1 in 17 chances of becoming a victim of any crime.

It shouldn’t be confused with Downtown Las Vegas as these are completely different neighborhoods.


6. Anthem


Anthem is a close-knit community and one of the best areas to live in Henderson, NV. It also happens to be one of the safest, friendliest, and most affordable neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

Located just 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, you will get to enjoy everything this fun city has to offer. It’s an upscale and affluent neighborhood with an average household income of $100,400.

Anthem’s overall crime rate is 70% lower than the national average and is safer than 95% of the cities in Nevada. While living in this neighborhood, you have a 1 in 20 chance of becoming a victim of any crime. A number that is much lower compared to other areas in Nevada.


7. Rancho Charleston


residentialRancho Charleston is a relatively small neighborhood in Las Vegas. It is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city in terms of  cost of living.

Rancho is a relatively quiet and safe town which boasts of low crime rates and favorable high-quality education. All making it a great area to raise your family.

The neighborhood’s sense of togetherness further boosts its safety and security as the neighbors look out for each other.

Besides being one of the safest neighborhoods in Las Vegas, Rancho has great weather and has a plentitude of amenities. It is also brimming with affordable housing, an incredible array of eateries and diners, plenty of recreational activities, and high-paying jobs.


8. Sunrise


Sunrise is definitely on the list of desirable neighborhoods to live and work in. It’s a tight-knit community located in the northeast Las Vegas suburbs. It comprises of permanent residents who know each other well and look out for each other.

Sunrise is a great place to buy a home and raise a family. Plus, most homes in this community are affordable and charming. Most homes are in gated communities with 24/7 security patrol. So, if you are looking for a great neighborhood to live in, Sunrise is definitely a great option.

We hope this article will help you in making a better decision.

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